Aleksandre Roinashvili – The Chosen Person of the XIX Century

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Lika Mamatsashvili


In the 19th century Georgia was faced with a serious political and social reality, but on the other hand the difficult situation has created the whole pleads of the new generation for the benefit of public and national interests. One of the most distinguished figures of that period in Georgia was Aleksandre Roinashvili, whose existence and activity in many fields, preserved historical wealth, photo chronicle and museum collections. Besides, Aleksandre Roinashvili was a famous Maecenas and founder of photographic school in Georgia. The phenomenon of Alexandre Roinashvili was recognized by the epoch, century, encirclement, public attitude and objectively made him a distinctive personality of the time. The fact is that charity has played a big role in his life and creativity. Century was able to appreciate the contribution of this distinguished and special person and after the death honored him with burial in Didube Pantheon. This fact was initiated by the Georgian public figures.

Published: Apr 20, 2017

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